Clinics for Your Pet


A visit to the vet shouldn't always be about treatment! 

Preventative healthcare is just as important.

Ash Tree Vets is committed to actively looking after the health of your pet. As a result, we run a series of regular clinics with fully qualified veterinary nurses. Have a look at our range of special clinics to help your pet lead a full and healthy life. 

Many of these services are provided free of charge – please call 01858 462 839 to book a place.

All animals vaccinated by us are Total Care members. This means that they are entitled to FREE nurse consultations at our Market Harborough surgery, such as; nail clipping, stitch removal, feeding and worming advice (and administering), weight clinics, youth clinics and healthcare advice. 

  • Puppy Parties – an opportunity for puppies to socialise with others of a similar age in a safe environment, whilst owners can get a wealth of important advice on caring for their puppy.

    These parties are free of charge to Ash Tree Vets clients who have their pet vaccinated with us. Puppies are eligible to attend 3 sessions starting a week after their 1st vaccination and up to 16 weeks of age (join at any point in rolling 3 week cycle).

    Market Harborough: Tuesday, 11-12pm
    Kibworth: Tuesday, 12:45pm-1:45pm

  • Puppies in the Park – join us every Thursday for puppy obedience training in the park. This is a natural progression from the puppy parties and socialisation, to obedience training.

    These sessions are free of charge to Ash Tree Vets clients who have their pet vaccinated with us, and puppies are eligible 10 days after their 2nd vaccination.

    Market Harborough: Thursday, 1.30pm

  • Youth Clinics - monthly health checks for puppies and kittens from 2nd vaccination until 6 Month Juvenile Health Check. 
  • General Nurse Clinics – you can book your pet in for; nail clipping, 2nd vacc, stitch removal, feeding and worming advice (and administering), and more... 
  • Weight Clinics - advice on diet and exercise to help your pet lose excess pounds or maintain a healthy weight. It's not always just about losing weight. Make sure your pet is the right weight for their age, breed and activity level. 
  • Rabbit Clinics – these cover all the important and easily overlooked health aspects of caring for your rabbit.