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Daisi and Poppi Burrell

Daisi and Poppi Burrell

Today we remember the beautiful Daisi and Poppi, who were regular visitors at Ash Tree Vets for many years. Daisi passed away in January 2014, aged 16, and Poppi in June 2017, aged 20. They are sorely missed by their owner, Mr. Burrell, who we have come to know well over the years. Although Daisi and Poppi were known by us all, their regular vet was Tim Appleton who remembers them with great fondness.


My life and home seem so empty now after 24 years of having cats, but I am almost sure that in time I will no doubt have another feline friend to fill this awful void – Richard Burrell

Zoe Childs


Now crossed over the rainbow bridge, Zoe touched our lives and we miss her greatly – Veronica Childs