Special Offers


Total Care

All animals vaccinated by us are Total Care members. This means that they are entitled to the following:

  • FREE consultation and health check carried out with all vaccinations.

  • FREE membership of the ASH TREE VETS EMERGENCY CLUB. This entitles members to £30 OFF out-of-hours consultation fees at our Market Harborough surgery.

  • £10 CREDIT when joining our Healthcare Club within one week of vaccination.

  • FREE nurse consultations at our Market Harborough surgery, such as; nail clipping, stitch removal, feeding and worming advice (and administering), weight clinics, youth clinics and healthcare advice. 

Healthcare Club

We have designed our Healthcare Club so that you can ensure your pets receive the very best quality preventative treatments, through a simple monthly direct debit. The concept of spreading the annual cost of household bills is a regular and well recognised feature in our daily lives – why should the essential preventative treatments for your pet be any different?

Some of the benefits included in the scheme are:

  • Annual booster vaccination
  • Worming and flea treatments throughout the year
  • A comprehensive six month health check every year
  • Great discounts on food, medication and other services and products

For full details, visit, our Healthcare Club page.

Emergency Club Scheme

Any client that has had their pet vaccinated or received a full price consultation with a vet  at Ash Tree Vets within the previous 15 months automatically becomes a member of the Ash Tree Vets Emergency Club.

This entitles the client to £30 off any out-of-hours consultations provided by Ash Tree Vets.

Out-of-hours is defined as any consultation or treatment taking place outside of our usual surgery hours (Monday to Friday 8.30am to 7.00pm, and Saturday 9.00am – 3.00pm) at our Market Harborough branch.

Half Price Boosters

Sign up to our Healthcare Club on the day of your pet's annual booster vaccination and get a 50% discount on the booster.

This means your pet could receive a booster vaccination from just £17. 

Call today on 01858 462 839 to make an appointment.

£10 Primary Vaccination Discount

Sign up to our Healthcare Club (between 1st and 2nd vaccination injection) and receive a £10 discount on primary vaccinations.

This includes puppies, kittens and restarts.


Annual Worming

50% off 4th worming dose when you purchase a year's supply (4 doses).


To help you comply with the law, we've lowered the price for microchipping dogs, over one year old, to £12.50.

And just so that the cats don't feel left out, we'll extend that price to them too.