2021 Petplan Veterinary Awards

10th Dec 2020

The Petplan Veterinary Awards recognise the fantastic work that goes on in veterinary practices across the UK. Petplan has worked closely with the veterinary profession for over 40 years and hosts these independent industry awards to recognise the hard work and dedication of veterinary staff caring for our pets. If you think your veterinary practice or someone in the practice team deserves to win, complete a nomination form!

We are so happy to have received these PetPlan Awards 2021 nomination certificates, and are very proud of our brilliant team...

  • Stella Coulson - Vet of the Year
  • Lucie Curchin - Nurse of the Year
  • Lucy Clarke - Vet of the Year
  • Nicole Dyer - Vet of the Year
  • Kathleen Gamble - Nurse of the Year
  • Rosie Ginns - Vet of the Year
  • Nigel Jacklin - Vet of the Year
  • Sonia Lynch - Vet of the Year
  • Lindsay Munton - Support Staff of the Year
  • Elissa Tenant-Brown - Vet of the Year
  • Laura Sumpter - Nurse of the Year
  • Victoria Swift - Vet of the Year
  • Laura Worsnip - Support Staff of the Year
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