BBQ Safety

6th Jul 2020

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BBQ season is here and as lockdown eases, people will be meeting for food and drink. When having a BBQ, be mindful of your four legged friends, as certain things can be dangerous for them.

Be Food and Drink Savvy

  • Corn on the cob and even bones can cause obstructions. Don’t leave cooked bones lying around, these can be deadly to a dog if eaten, especially chicken!
  • High-fat foods can cause inflammation of the pancreas, which can be serious. Ask your guests not to feed their leftovers to your pets.
  • Alcohol is dangerously toxic to pets and should be kept out of reach.

Be Rubbish Savvy

  • Aluminium foil, kebab skewers, firelighters and even plastic wrapping can be dangerous - put them in the bin once used.

Be Environment Savvy

  • Keep your pets at a safe distance from a hot barbecue and avoid nasty burns.
  • If your dog is outside with you and your guests all day, ensure there is a bowl of fresh water available. They may not want to go inside to drink if they are receiving extra attention.