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Brushing Up on Dental Care

12th Jul 2017

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Did you know that poor dental hygiene can be a source of long term pain and discomfort for many pets?

Worse still, without regular check-ups, dental problems in pets are frequently overlooked as pets usually tolerate the pain – suffering in silence.

In order to prevent dental problems in our pets, it is helpful to understand how and why they arise.

Pets are usually born with healthy mouths, with shiny white teeth and pink (or pigmented) gums. However, over time the accumulation of plaque bacteria on the surface of the teeth leads to inflammation of the gums – termed gingivitis (or gum disease). This is often accompanied by very bad breath and also the accumulation of calculus (tartar) on the tooth surface.

If the gingivitis  is not treated at this stage, the plaque will start attacking the underlying tooth supporting structures, resulting in gum and bone loss, dental pain, marked bad breath and eventually leading to tooth loss. This condition is known as periodontis.

As well as gum disease, cats may also suffer from one or more tooth resorptive lesions usually found at or below gum level. These are unique to cats and still not fully understood. They are very painful, but most cats will not show obvious pain.

Regular dental check-ups (as part of our Total Care Vaccination visit) are a key part of monitoring for dental disease. The good news is that if gum problems are identified at an early stage (where there are signs of gingivitis), a combination of a Scale and Polish and ongoing Home Care can make a real difference to your pet’s oral health.

Please contact us today on 01858 462 839 for a dental check-up and to find out more about caring for your pet’s teeth.