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Cat Food Recall

16th Jun 2021

In light of today's publications, we are sharing some important information about a food recall for a number of cat food brands. The food manufacturers are voluntarily recalling certain foods from the Applaws, AVA & Sainsburys lines (please see www.food.gov.uk for full list).

The recall is in response to a number of recent cases of pancytopenia in cats. It is important to note, no causal link has been proven so far and there is ongoing work to ascertain the exact cause of the condition.

We would advise any owners who currently use these brands to stop feeding them immediately and follow the instructions for recall.

Pancytopenia is a rare condition that causes a reduction in important blood cells. The condition may manifest with inappetence, lethargy and unusual bruising. Should you be concerned that your pet is showing any symptoms, please contact the surgery.

The practice is still incredibly busy, so as to keep our phone lines free for emergencies, if you wish to enquire about this but your pet is currently well with no symptoms, please email the practice at enquiries@ashtreevets.co.uk