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Don’t ignore lumps and bumps!

9th Jan 2018

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Lumps and bumps can come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

If you notice a lump (also called a mass or growth) on your pet, it is important to make an appointment so we can check it.

If your pet does develop a lump, there are several underlying causes including: allergic reactions (such as an insect bite), abscesses (very common in cats), hernias (often seen in younger pets) and tumours.

Tumours are understandably the most worrying and are either benign – which tend to be slow growing and remain in one place, or malignant – which can be fast growing, invade the surrounding tissue and have the potential to spread to other parts of the body.

If you do find a lump on your pet, it is very important that we examine it as soon as possible. Speed is of the essence and a delay in appropriate treatment can be the difference between a small mass that is easily treatable and one that is far more difficult to treat. Routinely grooming your pet is a great way to keep an eye out for lumps, bumps, ticks and other problems. Just give us a call if you find anything unusual.

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