29th Dec 2020

We truly appreciate our clients who are patient with us. Those who let emergencies be seen first, who do not get irritable when we don’t call back right away, and don’t mind an unwell pet jumping the queue.

It’s not always obvious what is happening behind the scenes, but we may be fighting to save a life, or comforting somebody who has had bad news, or ensuring that a patient is getting exactly the pain relief they need.

We post a lot of feel good photos because we love the animals and owners we work with, and we want to celebrate this, but the truth is that it can be a very demanding and upsetting job. We do this work because we love animals, so it hurts when it doesn’t go well. We are not perfect, but we give our best – ignoring full bladders, hungry stomachs and aching feet – to get the job done. Please be kind to our staff, you never know what sort of day they’ve had.

In the unlikely event that you will need us when we are closed, you will be directed to a dedicated veterinary hospital who will offer advice and see any cases out-of-hours. This is the same strategy used for human emergency care, and we’ve also adopted this model because we want to ensure our vets and nurses have a sustainable work-life balance. This means that hospital staff are bright and alert when they see cases late at night, and our vets and nurses are bright and alert to give our clients the best care during the day.

Patients will only be directed to the emergency hospitals in the case of an out-of-hours emergency.

In case of an emergency, please call... 01858 462 839

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