Grass Seeds

29th Jul 2019

Grass seeds are a common summer problem, especially in dogs.

The grass awns from meadow grasses are shaped like darts and easily trapped in dogs’ coats, their bristly fibres allowing them to cling to hair and migrate over the dog’s body while their pointed shape makes it easy for them to become embedded deep in your pet’s skin. 

We regularly see cases in which the seeds have become lodged in dogs’ eyelids, ears, nose or feet, causing problems for the animal, such as; severe pain, inflammation and infection. In some circumstances surgery may be necessary to remove the seeds.


How will you notice if grass seeds are causing a problem for your dog?

  • Ears – You may notice your dog shaking or rubbing his head or scratching at his ear. He may even walk with his head tilted at an angle.

  • Eyes – You may notice your dog’s eye has become watery, red or inflamed.

  • Nose – Your dog may sneeze, rub its nose or even have some nasal discharge.

  • Skin – Your dog may chew and lick persistently at an area.

  • Mouth – If a seed is swallowed this may cause swelling and inflammation of the mouth and throat, coughing, retching and a reluctance to eat.


What can you do to prevent grass seeds bothering your dog?

You can avoid meadow type grasses and stick to walks on  lawn-type grass, pathways and forested areas.

Having your dog clipped, particularly around the paws, armpits and ears will make it more difficult for seeds to stick and give you a much better chance of spotting seeds which have become lodged.

Check your dog regularly for seeds, combing with a fine brush. If the coat has become matted you may have to cut them out.

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