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Investors in the Environment

21st Jun 2021

Ash Tree Vets is dedicated to providing a high quality, caring and professional service to all of our clients and the animals in our care. We acknowledge that there are potential environmental impacts associated with the provision of veterinary care and our operations.

We have identified these key impacts as follows:

  • The consumption of electricity, gas and water
  • Waste production and disposal
  • The use and disposal of medications including inhalant anaesthetic agents, antibiotics
    and parasiticides
  • Paper usage
  • Procurement of equipment, medications and supplies

Ash Tree Vets is dedicated to reducing such impacts and continually improving the sustainability in relation to our services and operations. Our environmental commitment can be demonstrated in our established objectives and goals in which we aim to:

  • Comply with all applicable environmental legislation, regulations and public/customer
  • Monitor our key resource usage and set annual targets for reduction.
  • Implement resource conservation techniques in order to meet annual targets.
  • Implement a waste management strategy increasing recycling and reducing the use of
    single use items where possible.
  • Practice responsible prescribing and usage of medicines, engaging staff and keeping up
    to date with the latest guidelines.
  • Work with suppliers to ensure they acknowledge and decrease the environmental impact
    of their products and transportation.
  • Engage staff and clients in environmental issues and sustainable pet ownership.
  • Commit to sustainable growth by achieving Investors in the Environment accreditation by
    the end of 2022.
  • Publish and distribute an annual organisational sustainability report.

We will continue to improve our environmental management system through annual reviews and updates, taking into account any changes within legislation, our organisation, and other factors. We will convey this policy to all our employees and make certain that they are provided with proper training to increase awareness of environmental matters.

Download: Environmental Policy