Itchy and Allergic Pets

1st Apr 2019

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Skin problems are really common in pets – in fact, it’s the most common reason that pets need to see a vet.

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There are lots of reasons your pet might be suffering from itchy skin but, luckily, there are some simple steps you can take to help them. If you think your pet is suffering from allergies, we always recommend speaking to your vet.

Signs your pet has an allergy:

  • Itchy skin
  • Broken/sore skin
  • Patchy fur loss
  • Scabs
  • Frequent licking in one area, such as feet
  • Itchy/runny eyes

Common causes of allergies in pets:

  • Fleas
  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Grass
  • Certain foods

Treatment for pets with allergies

First, visit your vet so they can investigate your pet’s allergies and offer advice tailored to your pet.

If you find the cause of the allergies, you can help your pet avoid this trigger in the future – e.g. if your dog is allergic to grass pollen, avoid walking them through fields when the pollen count is high.

Sometimes allergies need to be treated to keep your pet comfortable. Depending on their allergy, your pet might need this treatment for the rest of their life, along with regular check-ups from the vet.

Pets with food allergies

If you think your pet is allergic to something in their food you may need to give your pet a special diet to try and find out what’s causing the allergy. Ask your vet for advice about how to do this safely.

Simple steps to improve your pet’s skin health

Here are some simple things you can do at home to help improve your pet’s skin health and stop them from suffering from common allergies:

  • Treat all the pets in your home for fleas every month with a product recommended by your vet.
  • Use a household flea spray – it will kill any fleas and help control dust mites too.
  • Use a supplement to reduce itchy skin. Your vet can recommend one.
  • Hoover regularly to reduce dust and mites.
  • Wash your pet’s bedding regularly and rinse well so your pet doesn’t react to any of the washing products.

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