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Kennel Cough Outbreak

6th Jul 2021

We are currently experiencing an outbreak of kennel cough in the area.

For most of our canine patients this disease is inconvenient but manageable with; rest, soft food, fluids, and importantly isolation from other dogs for the duration of the coughing - and a minimum of 5 days after the coughing stops.

Kennel cough is an airway infection that causes a dry hacking cough in dogs. Similar to human colds, kennel cough can be caused by a number of different germs (viruses and bacteria). Kennel cough is airborne and highly contagious, which is why it can spread through kennels quickly. It is also transmitted with bacteria on toys, food bowls or other shared objects.

While a nuisance, kennel cough is not normally dangerous and is likely to need no treatment at all. But in puppies, elderly dogs or those with existing illnesses, the condition can be more serious and can develop into pneumonia. Depending on the germs which have caused the virus, some strains of the infection can also be more severe than others. Coughing is the most common symptom of kennel cough, but in more severe cases, it can cause symptoms such as a high temperature or a reduced appetite.

As like with the common cold in humans, treatment for kennel cough is often not required, but if your dog is lethargic or off their food, please ring us to discuss on 01858 462839

More information on kennel cough can be found at www.bluecross.org.uk/pet-advice/kennel-cough