Leicester Lockdown

8th Jul 2020

As you will be aware parts of Leicester have had their lockdown guidance extended. In light of this action taken by the Government, we would like to remind clients of the strict protocols we have in place to protect you as well as our team, so that we can continue to provide care for as many animals as possible.

Clients within the lockdown area should only be travelling for essential reasons, which means we cannot book ROUTINE appointments for these clients.

If you live in the lockdown zone and your pet is unwell, you have an emergency, or you have a medication query - please call us and speak to a vet who will be able to advise.

We know you may be feeling anxious about your pet’s wellbeing, and want to reassure you that we’ll do everything we can to support you and your pet, should the need arise.

We will continue to use our current procedures for clients who are not in the lockdown zone.

  • Please follow all the instructions given to you prior to, and during, your visit with your pet.
  • Please call the practice on arrival and we will collect your pet from you in the car park.
  • One person per pet please.
  • If possible, please could owners wear a face mask to the practice. Our staff will be wearing face masks when dealing with clients in face-to-face situations.

Please contact us on 01858462839 if you are worried or have any questions.

If you have symptoms of coronavirus or are self-isolating please DO NOT COME TO THE PRACTICE – contact us so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

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