Pets and Thunderstorms

12th Aug 2020

Thunderstorms can be very scary for your pets and we wanted to share ways to help alleviate their worry.

We advise that you behave as you normally would, don’t make a big fuss, as pets can often pick up on their owner’s stress.

Below are some tips to help you make your pets more comfortable during thunderstorms.

  • Give your pet a safe place to go. When they are scared, they’ll go where they feel most safe. This can be a kennel, spare bedroom or even a cardboard box with a comfy bed inside. You can also try using pheromones to help keep the space calm and relaxed. Make their safe place comfortable and easy to access.

  • It helps to draw the curtains, turn on the TV and distract them with toys, but don’t force them to play if they don’t want to. Give them affection, but no more than usual. 

  • Don’t leave your pets on their own, they will be more relaxed around familiar faces.

  • Don’t punish or get angry with your pets.

  • Behaviour therapy can help. Use these FREE downloads from Dog’s Trust to gradually desensitise your pet to loud noises:

If you are worried about your pet, please do get in touch on 01858462839 and find out how we can help.

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