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Q&A with Lucy and Dave

27th Mar 2018

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Q: When did you first meet Dave?

A: I first met Dave when he came in as a stray to Ash Tree Vets. He was found in Desborough on a snowy December day. Dave was underweight with cat flu. He had bald patches on his fur, due to having fleas, which he was allergic to, and was in need of some TLC.


Q: What was it about Dave that made up your mind to keep him?

A: You could see that, given the right care, he would be a wonderful pet cat. He was a little bit timid initially, but still enjoyed a chin rub so we knew he was going to be friendly. He now loves nothing more than a belly rub, and even meows if you stop too soon. We also loved his beautiful eyes, and he has a slightly grumpy look - which we find adorable.


Q: Does Dave live indoors or outdoors?

A: Dave is an indoor cat. He is extremely entertained by our tropical fish tank. He often sits patiently waiting for the fish to appear, and will then pounce on the glass. The fish know Dave is not a threat and I'm pretty sure they sometimes swim near him just to tease him! He also has a large variety of toys, and places to climb and hide. It's extremely important to have lots of different toys to keep an indoor cat's mind stimulated. Even a new cardboard box can give hours of entertainment.


Q: What advice do you have for other cat owners?

A: My advice to other cat owners is that a good quality diet is key. A good diet has enabled Dave to gain the weight he needed and for him to develop a beautiful coat. Also, playtime is extremely important. Cats have quite a short attention span, so periods of 10-15 mins of play work well, with breaks in between. Repeating this a few times a day will keep your cat’s mind active.

Ash Tree vet, Lucy Blenkinsop, has nursed Dave back to good health, and celebrated with a photo shoot at Mike Brown’s studio in Corby.

Mike said, “Lucy brought Dave in to the studio for some pet portrait photos. She told me that Dave was a rescue cat. It was apparent that he was quite wary of everything, so we took things very gently. With just a little patience, we managed to get these gorgeous memories of him for her.”

More photos here: www.mikebrownphotographic.co.uk/blog/2018/3/pet-portrait-dave-the-rescue-cat