Rabbit Awareness Week 2020

10th Aug 2020

Rabbit Awareness Week, 10th-23rd August 2020, Virtual Festival #RAW2020

This year RAW are going digital to help raise awareness around the 5 Welfare Needs of rabbits. 

Head over to the official Rabbit Awareness Week Facebook page for lots of videos, tips and current info or visit www.rabbitawarenessweek.co.uk

The RAW Better Bunnies Guide is a teriffic resource for finding information on caring for your rabbit.

Why not download some colouring in sheets:

Top Tips from Rabbit Awareness Week:

  • Check daily that your rabbits are eating/drinking and toileting normally

  • Keep an eye out for any change in behaviour

  • Check your rabbits daily for signs of ill-health:

    • Check they are moving/running normally
    • Run your hand all over them to feel for lumps, bumps, wounds or wetness or any signs of flystrike

  • Check your rabbits’ nails weekly to check they are healthy and not too long

  • Check your rabbits’ teeth weekly. If their teeth look abnormal, they can have watery eyes, there is drool, partly-chewed food or weight loss then you should take your rabbit to the vets

  • Make sure your rabbits have plenty of space to run around and housing high enough so they can stand up fully

  • Rabbits are social animals so make sure you keep your rabbit with at least one other friendly rabbit

  • Check you rabbits’ weight and body condition score once a month

Every rabbit owner must provide for the following needs of their pets:

  • Health – Protection from pain, injury, suffering and disease and treated if they become ill or injured.

  • Behaviour – Rabbits need to be able to display their natural behaviours that they would display in the wild in order to be happy.

  • Companionship – Rabbits are sociable animals and without both rabbit and human company they can quickly become depressed.

  • Diet – In the wild rabbits feed on high levels of fibrous grasses. Their digestive systems are designed to be kept in constant motion to get the most out of this diet. It’s important that you feed your rabbits a balanced diet that gives them the nutritional and emotional benefits they need to live a happy and healthy life. 

  • Environment – You should always make sure your rabbits’ housing is protected from the elements and well away from any predators or loud noises that could scare them.
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