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Reduce the Risk of Parasites

28th Mar 2017

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Ticks and fleas are becoming a year round problem. Centrally heated houses containing pets provide a warm home with a constant food source for parasites. It’s also important for pet owners to understand that as their cat or dog grooms, they may eat a flea which is infected with tapeworm, which can lead to a secondary condition.

With busy lives, and numerous expenses to juggle, it’s understandable that pest control treatments for pets get forgotten.

We have listed some tips to reduce the risk of parasites for your pet and family.

  • Pick up your dog's faeces promptly

  • Clean your cat's litterbox frequently and at least daily

  • Encourage children to wash their hands after playing outside and before eating

  • If possible, prevent your pet from eating rodents, snails and other animals

  • For rabbits, avoid collecting greens from areas where wild rabbits and other rodents have been.

Schedule regular check-ups with your vet, who'll advise on the best course of preventative treatment.

For thorough preventative care for your pet, join our Pet Healthcare Plan. The plan includes regular visits which allow us to administer the appropriate vaccines, wormers and flea treatments at the correct time with minimal financial impact to you. 

Call our friendly team on 01858 462 839 for more information.