Reducing Pet Obesity

19th Jan 2017

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With the New Year it’s the chance to set yourself goals for 2017 and a lot of these resolutions include a focus on diet and exercise. But let’s not forget our pets!

A lot of pet owners don’t always understand that they may be killing their pets with kindness. Often overfeeding and giving pets treats to make them happy.

To help raise awareness we’ve got a helpful Food & Exercise diary to download.
This can be printed out and used to record your pet's food intake. If you prefer, pop in to the practice and we can supply you with a printed version.

Obesity can be defined as an excess of body fat that is enough to impair health, welfare and quality of life. It can affect all types of pet, and the main cause is from eating too much or not exercising enough, although some diseases can cause obesity.

Here are some useful tips to help reduce pet obesity:

  • Try recording everything they eat, including table scraps and treats. You might be surprised by how much human food is in your pet’s diet!

  • Giving treats, other than for training, is not essential. Portions should be no bigger than the nail of your first finger.

  • A treasure hunt! Make your pet work for their food by hiding it around the house.

  • Use the stairs. Stand at the top and encourage your pet to come to you.

  • Monitor your pet and record their weight. Just like humans, pets can struggle with winter weight gain.

Why not try out the Royal Canin Body Condition Score tool online.

Ask at reception to have your pet weighed, and speak to your vet or nurse to learn how to keep your pet slim, trim and healthy.

Give us a call on 01858 462 839 to book a weight clinic with one of our nurses - clients who are on our Pet Healthcare Plan (PHP) or have their pet vaccinated at our practice will receive a free initial consultation and follow up appointments if food purchased from Ash Tree Vets (10% PHP discount applied to all foods).

Information for this news article was taken from Obesity, and Denplan Pet Health Plans. Denplan manages the pet healthcare plan we provide to our customers. Our preventative Pet Healthcare Plan is one of the best around and allows you to spread the cost of essential routine treatments such as vaccinations, worming and flea treatments, keeping your pet fit and healthy year after year.