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Relaxation of Lockdown

15th Jul 2021

With the relaxation of lockdown rules on Monday, we understand that there will be many different thoughts and feelings on the subject, but we still need to protect our ability to provide veterinary care. In order to do this, we have to follow certain guidelines.

Because of the self-isolation restrictions which have not been lifted, we are asking that clients visiting the practice please continue to wear face coverings (unless exempt) and that social distancing remains.

If one of our staff tests positive, all other staff who have been 'in contact with’ would be forced off work and into self-isolation. This would massively impact the amount of work we can do, potentially returning to emergency work only, or having to close entirely.

We will continue to wear PPE to protect our clients and our staffing capacity.

Let's make sure we all continue to stay well, stay open and stay safe.
Thank you to all our amazing clients for being kind and respectful to our team members.

Please do talk to us prior to visiting if this is an issue and provisions will be made, so that we can still see your pet.