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Separation Anxiety

6th Apr 2021

We adjusted to working from home and our pets had to adjust to seeing our faces a whole lot more! But with the vaccination train at full steam, problems could arise when we all return to our normal work routine.

Join us as we go through some top tips to get your pets ready for the return to normality.

Top Tip #1

Follow the same routines as you would if you were going to work, for example get up at the same time. Dogs are good at knowing your routine so anything that is ‘different’ for a long period of time, can become their new routine.

Top Tip #2

If you are working from home and it is possible, work in a different room to your dog. It may be nice to look down and see your companion at your side especially if you are used to having company in your office but when you return to work, your dog could miss this attention.

Top Tip #3

Your puppy may try to distract you to play or just give them a fuss. It can be hard to resist but responding teaches them that you are always available for them when they want you. This will stop when you return to work and this lack of contact when they want it, is one of the reasons dogs can suffer with anxiety. Use other distraction techniques like a toy stuffed with food, for them to play with.