Status Update

16th Jun 2020

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Today we continue to review our processes to ensure we meet government guidelines, while providing care to all of our patients. Social distancing will still be paramount, so we will continue to work as we are with no clients inside the practice.

Your appointment may be quite different to previous occasions due to the government guidance around social distancing recommendations. Please follow all the instructions given to you prior to, and during, your visit with your pet. This will ensure any procedures are done as safely as possible for you and our teams. Please call the practice on arrival and we will collect your pet from you in the car park. If you have symptoms of coronavirus or are self-isolating please DO NOT COME TO THE PRACTICE – contact us so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

We are here to support you and your pet.

Please contact us on 01858462839 if you are worried about these changes or have any questions.

Return to Neutering

​We are now starting to schedule ​routine neutering for dogs, cats and rabbits. This is based on individual risk assessments. For some of our pets, we can delay these procedures and this will not put them at any risk.

​Please call the surgery to discuss booking your pet in. We would also ask that clients are aware that routine procedures may be rescheduled to accomodate patients needing more urgent care if we have an influx of emergencies and critical cases.

Return to Vaccinations

We are implementing a phased return to vaccinations with the most vulnerable patients being scheduled first. ​You will still receive your booster reminder dependent on when the vaccination was given last year. Based on risk, we will schedule your pet's vaccination accordingly. Please be aware you may be asked to book it for a later date e.g. 4 weeks time, but this will still fall within the vaccination guidelines. 

If you call the practice, we will be able to book in your pet for its booster at an appropriate time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I bring in my pet for a routine health check?
    At the moment, we are not doing routine health checks ​unless it is combined with a vaccination appointment.

  • Medication reviews?
    These are now being scheduled on a case by case basis. We are still providing long term medications and repeat dispenses. Please call reception with any queries. 

  • Can I bring my pet in for nail clips or to have their anal glands expressed?
    This should be postponed unless your pet is in pain or will possibly develop complications such as infection. If you are uncertain whether this is the case, please arrange a telephone consultation with a vet.

  • What if it is an emergency, can my pet still have emergency operations?
    Absolutely! Please call the practice as you usually would, and we will organise ​for you to be seen. If your emergency is out-of-hours please call 01858462839 as we have partnered with two local veterinary hospitals who will see any cases out-of-hours.

  • How can I get my repeat food orders or medicines for my pet?
    It is important that you continue to give your pet the appropriate food and medication and we will help make sure your pet gets what they need. Please contact your practice to make suitable arrangements.

    Worm and flea treatments can be collected from the practice. Please phone in and speak to the Reception team to arrange collection.

    We are still taking food and repeat medication orders telephonically. We will ask you to pay over the phone prior to collection. 48 hours is requested for repeat medication and food orders. When you arrive to collect your order, please wait outside the practice and give us a call from your mobile. Someone will bring your order to you.

  • What about ultrasounds and blood tests?
    We are still performing diagnostic imaging and investigations for patients that require it.  Your practice will explain to you whether this is critical for your pet or not ​based on a veterinary consultation – please contact your practice to understand more.