Summertime Safety

25th Jun 2018

Keep your pets safe this summer with these top summer safety tips.

  • Water - make sure your pet has plenty of fresh, cold water and change it regularly through the day.

  • Shade - don't let pets sit out in strong sun, or leave hutches, runs, kennels or cages in direct sunlight. Make sure there is always access to plenty of shade.

  • Hot Cars - never leave your pet in the car, not even with the windows open. Vehicles heat up incredibly fast, even if you park in the shade.

  • Fur - brush your pet more often during the summer to get rid of excess or matted fur. If left, excess fur could contribute to overheating and fur balls.

  • Sunblock - like humans, pets should have sunblock applied to sun-sensitive areas such as the tips of the ears. Make sure you use a pet friendly sunscreen.

  • Exercise - walk dogs in the morning or evening. This will not only prevent them overheating in the daytime sun, but also stop paws from getting burned on hot road surfaces, pavements and sand.

  • Heatstroke - excessive panting, extreme salivation, distress and collapse are signs of heatstroke. Seek immediate veterinary assistance if your pet has any of these symptoms.