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Take Back Programme

12th Aug 2021

As part of our ongoing efforts to be more sustainable we have installed medicine blister pack recycling bins in practice.

Our ambition is to help reduce plastic waste by taking back medicine blister packs which will be used in the production of reusable items.

Many of our clients rely on medicines to manage long-term conditions for their pets. We believe having this Take Back programme will make it easier for people to recycle blister packs and so tackle the growing issue of medicine packaging waste.

“We are passionate about reducing our environmental impact in relation to our services and operations, and think the Take Back programme will go a long way to helping us achieve our goals. Blister packs are made of a mix of difficult-to-recycle materials so often end up in household waste. By being a part of the Take Back programme we will have a significant impact on waste reduction by our practice.”

Nicole Dyer, Clinical Director – Ash Tree Vets

If your pet is on blister packed medication, it couldn't be simpler - just save the empty blister packaging and drop it back in to us when you come to collect your next prescription.

A member of staff will check that the return is suitable for the bin, and drop it in.

We will accept non-recyclable plastic blister packs from medication dispensed by us to our clients. This service is for our clients only, and only for medication dispensed by us.