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Things are hotting up!

19th Jul 2017

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Summer is here! But when the heat turns up, the dangers to pets increase too.

To keep your dog, cat and other furry friends safe, make sure you are prepared. To help you we’ve put together some top summer survival tips:

  • When walking your dogs, do try to avoid the hottest times of the day. Heat stroke is a real risk for all dogs, but particularly those with shorter noses or who are overweight. However, this doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the great weather – just make use of the light evenings and go out when it is cooler.

  • Just like us, sunburn can cause problems for our pets. Cats are natural sun bathers, but cats with white noses and ear tips are particularly vulnerable to sun burn and subsequent skin cancer. This risk can be reduced by keeping them out of the sun, or by applying sunblock to these areas during the summer months.

  • Guinea pigs and rabbits need an area of shade so that they do not overheat – guinea pigs in particular are unable to regulate their body temperature and both they and rabbits are vulnerable to heatstroke.

  • Flystrike is a very serious problem at this time of year. Rabbit rear ends often become damp and this moist area attracts flies, which lay their eggs there. These eggs hatch out into maggots which can cause life threatening infection. Rabbit rear ends should be inspected daily for fly eggs and maggots, and soiled bedding should be cleaned out daily. Call us immediately if you are worried.

  • Bee and wasp stings are another seasonal problem. Some pets are allergic to their stings and may need prompt veterinary attention.

  • Remember to check your pets’ coats for pesky grass seeds which can get trapped and cause problems. And finally – never leave pets in cars. Even on dull days, cars can heat up and become oven-like.

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