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Vet Honours for Ash Tree Vets

8th May 2021

In addition to Ash Tree Vets’ RVN, Kathleen Gamble, being shortlisted for the Vet Nurse award – Ash Tree Vets have been shortlisted for the Practice of the Year Vet Honours 2021 award!

To vote for Ash Tree Vets and Kathleen, please follow this link... 

The Vet Honours awards are about celebrating the veterinary community’s commitment over the past year and highlight how individuals and practices have been a positive influence on the veterinary community during this challenging year.

Ash Tree Vets is a family! There are many unique individuals, strong characters and wonderful personalities who all come together to make a dedicated, passionate team. 2020 pushed the boundaries for everyone but we have found ways to support each other.

Everyone at the practice is incredibly committed to client and patient care. The frontline staff have faced a really tough year as the first point of contact for clients during a really challenging period. Our vets have a very wide skill set, offering a brilliant level of expertise. We are supported by a talented, confident nursing team, who keep the vets in line! We take on students every year so that they can benefit from learning in a supportive, friendly environment ensuring that they get an excellent grounding in nursing skills. Our admin team give us behind the scenes support, keeping everything running smoothly, ensuring our social media is impactful and engaging, keeping the Healthcare Club active… all done with a smile and glint in the eye!