The Importance of Microchipping

Posted on 3rd Jun 2019

Thousands of pets are lost every year and many are never reunited with their owners.
While collars and tags can get caught or removed, microchipping identifies your pet permanently and effectively.

Rabbit Awareness Top Tips

Posted on 1st Jun 2019

For Rabbit Awareness Week 2019 we are asking all rabbit owners in the UK to make sure that their rabbits are vaccinated against Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease and other fatal diseases #RAW2019

Vaccination Amnesty

Posted on 29th May 2019

If vaccination has slipped your mind, our vaccination amnesty makes it easier to restart - giving your pet the full course for the price of a single booster.

How to Protect Against Dog Theft

Posted on 20th May 2019

According to the Missing Pets Bureau as many as 38 per cent of all animals reported lost have actually been stolen and as many as 60 per cent of these are tragically never recovered.

Top Tips for Summer

Posted on 14th May 2019

Help your pet enjoy summer as much as you do!

Veterinary Nursing

Posted on 1st May 2019

We are incredibly proud of our Veterinary Nurses!

Itchy and Allergic Pets

Posted on 1st Apr 2019

Skin problems are really common in pets – in fact, it’s the most common reason that pets need to see a vet.

Valentine’s Day Photo Comp!

Posted on 12th Feb 2019

Win a £30 voucher to use at Ash Tree Vets!

My Furry Valentine!

Posted on 1st Feb 2019

Let’s not forget our furry friends amongst all the Valentine’s Day hype.

Winter Dangers

Posted on 13th Dec 2018

We’ve put together a list of dangers to be aware of which will help you keep your pets safe and happy this Christmas.

Dogs for Good

Posted on 26th Nov 2018

Luxury Christmas Hamper up for grabs!

Senior Wellness

Posted on 25th Oct 2018

Helping you care for your older pet!

Pets and Fireworks

Posted on 23rd Oct 2018

Help us make fireworks less frightening for animals!

Halloween Photo Comp 2018

Posted on 18th Oct 2018

Is your pet terrifyingly adorable?
Upload a photo for the chance to win a voucher to use at Ash Tree Vets!

Dress to Impress!

Posted on 23rd Aug 2018

We’ll be adding more than just a splash of blue to our wardrobe on Monday 17th September to celebrate happy pets!

Half Price Vaccinations

Posted on 21st Aug 2018

Sign up to our Healthcare Club on the day of your pet's annual booster or primary vaccination and get a 50% discount on the vaccination.

Protecting Your Dog from Grass Seeds

Posted on 6th Aug 2018

Grass seeds are a common summer problem, especially in dogs.

BBQ Advice

Posted on 25th Jul 2018

BBQs are a great time to catch up with family and friends, but please keep pets safely looked after to make sure they also enjoy this fun occasion.

Rabbit Health and Wellbeing

Posted on 27th Jun 2018

If done correctly, rabbits can lead fulfilling and stimulating lives making them hugely rewarding pets.

Summertime Safety

Posted on 25th Jun 2018

Keep your pets safe this summer with these top summer safety tips.