Remembrance Wall


Our pet remembrance wall is dedicated to the memory of all the beloved pets who have visited our practice. We know how much they mean to their owners and we're honoured to have been able to provide care to them.

If you would like to add an online memorial for your pet, you are more than welcome to send us your message using or complete our memorial message form.




What a beautiful little soul!



Squeak had a huge cyst removed on her side around 3 years ago. She was 3 years old when she had the operation and sadly she passed away yesterday morning. I just want to thank you for extending her life by so long as without the operation I don’t think she would have been with us for much longer. It would be amazing if any of your staff remember her, and could thank them for doing such a good job at removing the cyst and stopping it from coming back. She was a little fighter but old age stopped her in the end. 💔 Thank you all so much.



Today we remember the beautiful Bijou who passed away on the 3rd February 2019.  Bijou was much loved and is greatly missed by her family.

Rosie Bones

In memory of ROSIE... our little piece of Australia

22-1-03 / 28-10-17

The day we met you a memory so clear,
You stole all our hearts, with your lopsided little ears
For weeks on end we walked past you in that window
Your siblings all gone, we felt nothing but sorrow.
You were waiting for us, to come take you home
That special day arrived.. you were no longer alone.
Our family became five... you held us together
Through the times that were tough you always made things better.
Years of fun and happiness.. the silly games we all played,
You always made us laugh with your funny little ways.
Right by our sides was your favourite place to be,
Your unconditional devotion and love,.. You knew we were your family.
Now your time with us has sadly come to an end..
The pain we feel in our hearts, will never truly mend.
But we thank you dear Rosie, for giving us the best gift we could ever ask for...
A lifetime of precious memories, held in our hearts from today and for ever more.

Daisi and Poppi Burrell

Daisi and Poppi Burrell

Today we remember the beautiful Daisi and Poppi, who were regular visitors at Ash Tree Vets for many years. Daisi passed away in January 2014, aged 16, and Poppi in June 2017, aged 20. They are sorely missed by their owner, Mr. Burrell, who we have come to know well over the years. Although Daisi and Poppi were known by us all, their regular vet was Tim Appleton who remembers them with great fondness.


My life and home seem so empty now after 24 years of having cats, but I am almost sure that in time I will no doubt have another feline friend to fill this awful void – Richard Burrell

Zoe Childs


Now crossed over the rainbow bridge, Zoe touched our lives and we miss her greatly – Veronica Childs



This is Barney. He was a grumpy old man even when he was a puppy. He loved nothing more than stealing items of clothing and eating mints. Sadly he died due to having skin and bladder cancer. His antics are legendary at my old practice and I could write a book on all the bad things he has done - lol
- Zoe

JJ the Hamster

JJ the Hamster!

Jo Jo was a very sweet little boy who loved nothing more than swinging from the bars in his cage. He also loved running marathons on his wheel. Nuts were his favourite treat :-) xx
- Lucy



A gentle soul who loved nothing more than playing and chilling out with his family. Perhaps not the greatest hunter of his time, he preferred to bring us collectibles such as Wotzits packets, sponges and, on one occassion, a very old bird carcass. We miss his kind presence and fun spirit x
- Ellen