Special Services

We are continually updating and investing in new equipment and resources to enable us to provide the best care for your pet. Below are some examples of our investment.

    • Two fully equipped operating theatres with a comprehensive range of surgical equipment
    • Blood analysing machine - this means we can take blood samples and get results very quickly
    • Fully computerised system for accurate and confidential clinical records
    • Rigid endoscope which enables us to examine the nose and throat
    • Latest anaesthetic equipment and drugs
    • Digital X-ray machine
    • Ultrasound scanner so we can view internal organs
    • Full range of dental equipment


If your pet has to come in for an operation, we will use modern, safe anaesthetics monitored by staff trained in anaesthesia. We are aware that parting with your pet can be an anxious time. Our nursing and veterinary staff will take care of in-patients and ensure that all their needs are met, making sure your pet's time with us is as pleasant as possible.