Useful Contacts


Lost Pets

 If your pet has gone missing, give us a call and we will record your information on our ‘Lost’ log. We can then call you if an animal matching the description of your pet is brought in to us. Please feel free to post a photo and information of your lost pet on our Facebook page and we will be sure to share that with our followers -

If you have found a lost animal give us a call and we will record your information on our ‘Found’ log. It would be ideal if you could bring the animal in to check for a microchip, but we do not generally take animals in, and encourage people to contact the relevant authorities who deal with animal rescue and rehabilitation.

Reporting Injured or Dead Animals

What to do with injured wild animals

If you find an injured wild animal, watch it first to see how badly hurt it is, then contact the RSPCA or local wildlife centre.

Caution! Wild animals can scratch and bite when frightened, particularly if they are injured. If in doubt, keep a safe distance and speak to someone at the wildlife centre.


What to do with orphaned wild animals

If you're worried about a baby animal that seems to be alone, don't touch them but watch from a distance to check they're orphaned first, it's likely that the parents are nearby, waiting for people to leave. If you’re unsure then contact the RSPCA or local wildlife organisation.


Report a car accident with an animal

You must stop and report the accident to the police if you hit any: dogs, horses, cattle, pigs, goats, sheep, donkeys and mules. You must do this as quickly as you can, in all instances.


Report a dead animal to your local council

If you find a dead animal on the road, pavement, or in another open public space, you should tell your local council. This includes domestic pets and wild animals like badgers and foxes. A dead animal found on private property should be reported to the owner of the land.